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You can print any of these handouts at home, or by using a Library computer. 

Color printing is 50 cents per page, and black and white printing is 10 cents per page.  Double-sided printing counts as two pages.  One sheet = two pages.

The handouts below are in pdf format, and are listed alphabetically by document title.

Click on the title to download a copy of the handout.

3M Cloud eBooks for everything but Kindle: Downloading ebooks from our 3M Cloud ebook collection.

3M Cloud eBooks for Kindle: 3M Cloud information specific to Kindle Devices.

Adult Caregiver Resources: a guide to local, state and national health information and programs for those who are taking care of an elderly parent or disabled relative.

Baldwinsville Public Library Patron Guide: an introduction to using equipment at the Baldwinsville Public Library.

Burning Files to a Disc in Windows 7: learn how to burn files to a CD or DVD in Microsoft Windows

Connecting a laptop to the projector: Instructions for using the library's projector.

Digital Photos: Getting the pictures from your camera, onto your computer

E-mail Basics: The basics of using e-mail.

Finding Your Downloads: A tutorial on navigating the Windows file system

Fun, Interesting, Educational & Informative websites: A hand-picked list of good stuff from around the internet.

Google Maps: A brief tutorial on using the Google Maps website

Health Information Online: A guide to finding credible health information online.

Home & Car Repair info Online: a guide to searching for home and car repair information on the internet.

Intro to Microsoft Word: A collection of resources to help you get started with Microsoft Word 

Job Hunting: Local Job Hunting: Links to agencies and employers in the CNY region.

Job Hunting: Resume Help: Resources to aid you in writing, or rewriting your resume

Life With Blood Thinners: Recommendations for those who are taking anti-coagulant medications such as Warfarin or Heparin.

Label Printing: Learn how to create customized labels using the Avery web-app.

New Computer, Now What?: an introduction to turning on a computer and beginning to use it.

New York Museums & State Parks: Links to museum and state park websites, how to find travel information, and how to book tickets for trips to New York City

Newsletters in Word: Instructions on how to format a newsletter using Microsoft Word.

Old Time Radio & Music from Archive.org: learn to download episodes of old-time radio programs and vintage recordings from Archive.org.

Online Security: Links to online resources describing how you can protect yourself on the internet.

OpenOffice User Guides - Finding and downloading them: instructions on how to download user guides for OpenOffice programs.

OpenOffice Writer: Intro to Formatting: A brief introduction to formatting documents in OpenOffice Writer

Overdrive Audiobooks: Shows you how to download and use Audiobooks from the Bville and OCPL Overdrive Collections. 

Overdrive ebooks for everything but Kindle: A guide to using our ebooks with your Nook Color, iPad or Android device.

Overdrive ebooks for Kindle: A guide to using our ebooks with your Kindle e-reader.

Overdrive ebooks for Black and White Nook: A guide to using our ebooks with your black and white Nook e-reader.

Photography 101: A collection of articles, tutorials and picture archives.

Picture editing with Irfanview: learn how to perform basic image editing tasks using the Open Source Irfanview graphics editor.

Public Printer Instructions: Instructions for using the Public Printer at the Baldwinsville Public Library.

Room Reservations in the Library: instructions on how to use the library website to place a reservation for use of the community room(s), story-time room, or training lab.

Senior living facilities in Baldwinsville: A listing of senior care facilities in the 13027 zip code. 

Traveling Light and Safe Lifting: Advice on simplifying your wintermigration.

Windows 8 Shortcuts: Helpful keyboard shortcuts that will help you get the most out of using your new Windows 8 laptop. 

You C.A.N. Have Better Brain Health: advice for seniors on how to maintain brain health as you age.

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