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About this collection

The Baldwinsville Messenger and other newspapers from the past 100+ years

Searching in Text

In the Search in drop-down box above you have three options: text, titles and dates. Text searching reads the newspapers to generate matches. You can use the Text search for Keyword searching. For example, if you wanted to search for stories about the Duck-Race that's held in Baldwinsville every year, you could put "duck-race" in the search box to look for those stories. In cases where you are searching for a phrase, you should put parentheses around the phrase to narrow your results. For example-with that "duck-race" search-if you use the parentheses the system will search for the exact phrase "duck-race", but if you put duck-race without parentheses then the system will return any results with either the words "duck" or "race" on that page.

Likewise, if you're searching for stories about someone who lives in Baldwinsville, then you should put the person's first and last name in parentheses. So, if you were searching for stories written by Val Chism, you would put her name in parentheses, "Val Chism" to find her articles, because putting Val Chism without parentheses would return any mention of the first name "Val" or the last name "Chism".

Searching in Dates

If you locate an article and would like to see the next page of that article, you can use the Search in Dates feature to locate all pages from that issue, then open the page that includes the text you are seeking. Follow these steps to find all of the pages from a particular issue.

1. Set the Search in drop down box to Dates, then set the for drop-down box to all.

2. In the blank search box, enter the date in "mm-dd-yyyy" format. For example, if you were looking for the issue from February 1st of 2006, you would enter "02-01-2006" in the search-box, then hit the Search button.

3. Read the Searching by Filename instructions below, to learn how to interpret the numbering system for pages in this collection.

Searching by Filename

With old newspaper pages the software that reads the text isn't always 100% accurate. If you do manage to locate a particular issue, and need to search for the next page from that issue, it may be more helpful to use the filenames search.

All of the files in this collection are named using a standard convention. The filename format for this collection is:

Newspaper Title Volume ## Issue ## - (page number##)

To make that a bit more clear, if you were reading a page of the Baldwinsville Messenger with the filename:

Baldwinsville Messenger Volume 82 Issue 32 (14)

and you wanted to find the next page you would select filenames from the drop-down box and enter:

"Baldwinsville Messenger Volume 82 Issue 32 (15)"

Using the quotation marks in the search-box tells the search-engine that you only want the file with that exact name and no others. You can also use this feature to search for all of the pages from a particular issue. If you leave out the page number (the part in parentheses) and enter:

"Baldwinsville Messenger Volume 32 Issue 32"

you would get all of teh pages in the collection from Volume 82, Issue 32 of the Baldwinsville Messenger. Notice again that we're using the quotation marks. Trying this search without the quotation marks would return every single page in the collection, as the search engine would return any page that has "Volume", or "Issue" in the document title. Because those are part of our standard naming convention, that means every single page in the collection.

How to find information in the Baldwinsville Local Newspapers collection

There are 4 ways to find information in this collection:

  • search for particular words that appear in the text by clicking the Search button
  • browse documents by FilenameRoot by clicking the FilenameRoot button
  • browse documents by Title by clicking the Titles button
  • browse documents by Filename by clicking the Filenames button